For parents who are committed to dressing their children in Earth-friendly non-toxic materials, it can be a challenge to find organic, sustainable kids clothes that don’t cost a fortune. While plenty of retailers advertise sustainable and organic clothes for children, you probably often find that your kids complain that they’re itchy once they actually start wearing them. You may also find that the clothes contain toxic dyes or were unethically produced. Itchy fabric, unwelcome chemicals, and questionable business practices certainly aren't the hallmarks of sustainable fashion. 

Finding high-quality organic children’s clothing shouldn’t be so hard! In this article, we discuss where to find organic kids clothes that are gentle on the planet, kind to your child’s skin, and surprisingly affordable head to toe!

Better Basics with Crann Organic

Crann Organic makes the world's softest sustainably and ethically produced basic fashion for children. Crann's lines of boys and girls sweatshirts, sweatpants, joggers, shirts, dresses, and underwear are specifically designed for everyday wear for all seasons and weather. It really doesn't get much more versatile. The Grand Rapids-based family business also weaves meaning into its ultra-cute designs with prints showcasing Michigan State icons such as the white pine tree and brook trout. Crann is fully committed to using organic and natural textiles like GOTS Certified organic cotton, TENCEL lyocell, and TENCEL modal. Crann is also a contributing member of 1% for the Planet and produces with ethical manufacturing partners.

Key Benefits of Crann Organic

  • Incredibly soft and comfortable sustainable clothes
  • Natural fabrics kind to sensitive skin
  • Ethical manufacturing process
  • Favorably priced relative to competitors and conventional clothing brands


Dress up with Infantium Victoria

Fancy event coming up? Check out the sophisticated offerings of Infantium Victoria. Infantium Victoria features organic and PETA-approved vegan clothing styles that challenge conventional design for babies, boys, and girls. Despite its reputation for creative high-end pieces, Infantium Victoria does a marvelous job walking the line between "edgy" and "practical" to ensure its garments can be worn for a variety of occasions. The result is a complete line of tops, bottoms, and outerwear that is artistic and unique yet classic and functional. All raw materials used are organic and product distribution is done sustainably.

Key Benefits of Infantium Victoria

  • Run by experienced fashion industry professionals
  • Unique design and differentiated aesthetics
  • 100% PETA-approved vegan products
  • Holiday-centric specials and sales


Sustainable Shoes with Veja

Now that your little ones are dressed, they need some stylish shoes to top off the outfit. Look no further than Veja.

Veja is an established international brand that sells sustainably produced shoes for adults and children. According to the company's website, Veja uses a mix of South American organic cotton, Amazonian rubber, and reclaimed plastic and polyester as raw materials for its products. Its sneakers are manufactured in Brazil in factories adhering to high standards for worker health and safety. Veja's expansive selection of children's sneakers makes it an instant draw for parents with picky kids. There's something for just about every taste - casual, athletic, laced, slip-on, bright, and neutral. Products are also widely available through the Veja website and major retailers like Nordstrom. Veja isn't shy about it's story and business practices. The company offers a wealth of information about its materials, cost of goods sold, and logistics right on its website.

Key Benefits of Veja

  • Breadth and depth of product selection (including vegan options)
  • Established reputation for ethical and sustainable business
  • Wide sales and distribution network
  • Transparency 


Get Outside with Good Weekend

Heading to the beach? Looking forward to that weekend at the lake? Kicking back by the pool? If you're in need of swimwear, take a look at Good Weekend.

Good Weekend is a Florida-based business that produces super-cute swimsuits and accessories for babies and toddlers using 100% reclaimed nylon. Good Weekend offers a variety of styles including trunks, shorts, one-pieces, two-pieces, rash guards, and hats - pretty much everything you need for a day near the water. The company's minimalist take on swimwear results in a highly functional, stylish, and colorful collection. Its products are also durable. Good Weekend manufactures with partners in Bali and Indonesia and adheres to the highest standards of ethics, ensuring workers are fairly compensated and protected on the job. Items are shipped in recycled, recyclable, and/or reusable packaging to further reduce waste.

Key Benefits of Good Weekend

  • Highly functional and durable swimwear offering UV protection
  • Focus on waste reduction
  • Ethical manufacturing process


The perfect recipe for a sustainable wardrobe

Organic. Eco-conscious. Ethical. Affordable. There you have it - a complete children's wardrobe comprised of sustainable material backed by trustworthy brands. When it’s time to consider where to find organic kids clothes, rest assured that the four business mentioned in this article have your family’s (and the planet's) best interests at heart. 

October 16, 2022 — Karly Hiser

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