The Experiment

Transparency Matters

At Crann Organic, we believe in clothing that not only looks good but is good for you too. Toxic chemicals are often hidden within cheap clothes, posing a silent threat to your child's health. Our commitment to transparency and your family's well-being is the driving force behind our mission to expose the dangers lurking in what you put on your children's bodies. 

Exposing the Threat

In an eye-opening experiment, we set out to reveal the hidden truth behind cheap clothing. Using the most rigorous testing standards, our experts meticulously tested different clothing articles to uncover the presence of harmful chemicals listed in the most credible restricted substance list, the Afirm Group RSL, exposing what is hiding in your children's clothing. 

Crann The Experiment

Driving Change

We know what happens on a policy level, so we are also advocating for more regulation of toxic chemicals imported into the USA. The current rules allow cheap products into the U.S. without proper inspection, so we sent a letter to members of congress asking for their support in overhauling the current legislation to establish and enforce stricter regulations to protect you from exposure to harmful substances. 

Join us in the movement towards cleaner and more sustainable fashion.