What is modal

What is Modal Fabric? Is it Eco-Friendly?

What is modal fabric? Modal is a type of semi-synthetic cellulose fiber derived from beech tree pulp. It is used in the textile industry to create fabrics and textiles. Modal...
September 18, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Apple Picking with Kids

A Fun Family Adventure: Apple Picking with Kids

It's that time of year... pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, Halloween, and apple picking with kids! Amongst these fall adventures, apple picking is a fantastic way to savor the outdoors...
September 06, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Textile Dermatitis

Textile Dermatitis: Do You Have a Clothing Allergy?

Do you ever feel itchy after wearing certain fabrics or clothes? Does polyester give you a rash? You may be suffering from textile dermatitis, a type of clothing allergy. Textile dermatitis...
August 30, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Best Fabric for Eczema

Your Ultimate Guide: What is the Best Fabric for Eczema?

As you exit the pediatric office, a wave of relief washes over you. You've received confirmation that those scaly, red patches on your child's skin are a common childhood condition...
August 28, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Is Polyester Bad for Eczema?

Is Polyester Bad for Eczema? A Closer Look at Fabric Choices

Are you locked in a daily battle trying to get your child with eczema dressed? The culprit might not be your child's resistance; it could very well be their clothing!...
August 22, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Sustainable Beach Trip

Eco-Friendly Escapes: Your Guide to a Sustainable Beach Trip

Catch those last summer vibes with a beachy blast, and let's keep it green while we're at it! Sun, sand, and waves? Absolutely! But wait up; those good times come...
August 14, 2023 — Karly Hiser
10 Must-Have Sustainable and Eco-Friendly School Supplies

10 Must-Have Sustainable and Eco-Friendly School Supplies

As summer ends and the school bells start ringing again, it's time to gear up for another exciting academic year. But this time, let's approach back-to-school preparations with a fresh...
August 07, 2023 — Karly Hiser
How to Build a Cozy Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

How to Build a Cozy Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Step into a world of effortless style and stress-free dressing for your little fashionistas! As parents, we understand the daily struggle of picking the right outfit for our kids. That's...
August 03, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Blueberry Picking with Kids

Blueberry Picking with Kids: A Sweet Summertime Adventure!

What better way to embrace the joys of summer than by taking your little ones on a delightful blueberry picking adventure! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and...
August 01, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Plastic Free Clothing

Plastic-Free Clothing: A Healthy Choice for People and the Planet

In a world grappling with the environmental consequences of fast fashion and plastic pollution, a new trend is taking center stage: plastic-free clothing. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, they...
July 30, 2023 — Karly Hiser
Summer Eczema Flare Up

Surviving Summer: Managing Eczema Flares in the Heat

As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, many of us eagerly welcome the summer season. However, for individuals with eczema, summer can bring about a whole new set of...
June 21, 2023 — Karly Hiser
What is French Terry

What is French Terry Fabric and Its Benefits for Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin requires extra attention and care, especially when it comes to clothing choices. Thankfully, there's a fabric that combines heavenly softness with gentle support—French Terry. But wait, What exactly...
May 11, 2023 — Karly Hiser

Dressed Naturally

Founded by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Crann Organic crafts the softest natural fiber clothing for sensitive skin. Naturally soft and breathable clothing kids will love so that you can enjoy life's adventures.