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Camp Bound? Don't Forget the Best Labels for Kids' Clothing!

When I switched from cheap fast fashion to organic clothing, my initial reaction was, "Oh my gosh, these pieces of clothing need to be treated like gold!" A couple of months passed, then it was time to pack for camp. I was instantly struck by the fear, "What if my child loses his favorite (and really expensive) sweatshirt?" So the logical next step was to scour the internet for hours searching for the BEST labels. Yes, writing on each article of clothing may have been faster, but I was determined to find the most durable and functional label on the market. 

What to Look for in a Kids' Clothing Label

Wondering how to find the perfect labels? Here's what to consider:


This is the number one criterion because we all know the best camp experiences involve rain, a lake, or a river.

Laundry Safe

When you child comes home, they will likely bring some stinky clothes with them. You want to make sure you can wash the labels as needed.

Dryer Safe

Because no one has time for hang drying when your child is standing by waiting to retrieve their favorite sweatshirt.


Since we bought durable clothing and know that the clothes will stand the test of time, the labels need to last, too!

Easy to Use

This choice is up to you! I prefer the ease of the stick-on label, but an iron-on label works well. 

So, Which Labels are the Best Labels for Kids?

Name Bubbles! Hands down, these were our favorite pack of labels, and the kids were happy, too! There are so many colors and prints to choose from. And...wait for it...we are still using the same pack of labels three years later. We bought a package of x-small clothing labels, and we are still using them. The even more surprising fact is that the third child is wearing the clothing we initially labeled for camp, and the label is still intact and looks like new. 

When Should I Order Labels for Camp?

Order about a month before camp. That gives you time to browse the designs contemplate colors and sizes before ordering. After you order, you should receive your package in about 10 days. When you receive the labels make sure to do a test run before it is time to pack for camp! 

If you are looking forward to trying Name Bubbles use the code: CRANN25 for 25% off your order!



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